Treatment of hay fever ( Mach Osteopathic clinic)


Because the effect is strong, no medication is needed.

Please try by all means. An integrated treatment of oriental medicine and western medicine will be about one hour treatment.

Beauty acupuncture and treatment to smoke high concentration hydrogen.

The patient sleeps well during treatment.

If there is no effect I will return money.


It is 6450 yen including tax.

Thank you.


Mach Osteopathic clinic

Phone: +81-3-6902-2210 Sogamo Toshima-ku 1-18-1 Tsuchihashi Building 102

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai


Videos of Bon Odori were posted on YouTube.

To see all the videos, please see the YouTube channel.

>Suichishoutenkai YouTube official channel


1st track: Fortune cookie in love
track: Tokyo gorin ondo
3rd track: Kiyoshi no Dodonpa
4th track: Ose ose ondo
5th track: Shounen yagi bushi
6th track: Osomatsukun ondo
7th track: Dai Tokyo ondo
8th track: Hana no Bonodori
9th track: Kawachi otoko bushi
10th track: Oedo Tokyo ondo
11th track: Donpan bushi




The sidewalk and the road next to the golf partner have been completed.

A guardrail entered between the sidewalk and the road, the sidewalk was also wide and it became easy to walk.

We aim to live a better environment than not having an accident.



Before the child ‘s day on May 5, we set up a carp streamer from the South Exit Rotary town council.

Please take a look at the carp streamer swimming in the sky.


From 17th May (Wednesday), regular meeting of Suichi shoutenkai will be held at Yamazaki, 3th floor of Serpent ‘s Sushi. A social gathering will be held from 18:30. Details will be contacted shortly.



A patrol of Sugamo area was held on April 27th. President Nakamura and several members attended.
We patroled downtown area from the north exit of the station to the south entrance.
The next patrol is scheduled for June 22.

2017/02/17 Website of Suichi Shopping Association renewed. Please use it by all means.